Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Artist for hire!

As of yesterday I an am unemployed artist in the post apocalyptic tundra of Midway Game's wrath. They laid off over 100 employees from various studios with Chicago being the major taker. Being a cinematic artist at Midway was truly a blast from the amount of projects I worked on to the awesome artists in which I had the great pleasure to work with. I will truly miss it.

We have some early plans that have been put into effect to keep "the band together" with some work hopefully coming in the mean time. Chicago is a great untapped resource and as of now there are not many game development studios in this area...or not enough rather.

I am currently a blogging virgin and am utilizing this resource now in hopes of finding more possible connections and work.

Here are some links to learn a bit more about me and what I do. I'll post my Reel once it fully uploads.


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